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The Coin Parrot is an independent cryptocurrency news aggregator which aims to provide a holistic snapshot of what's going on in the crypto world at any given point in time.

It is powered by an automated algorithm which tries to rank heavily-cited news items across multiple news portals higher than news items carried by fewer portals, although for now our algorithm still needs more tweaking. We only source from news portals that are deemed reliable and trustworthy. More portals will be added over time.


The Coin Parrot is not responsible for the accuracy or information in any of the aggregated news articles. The Coin Parrot makes no guarantees about the quality of the news aggregation, and readers should not constitute the rankings of The Coin Parrot as canonical. The algorithm may be tweaked from time to time to improve its aggregation quality. The Coin Parrot is not responsible for any investment decisions made based on information from any of the news articles. (We're just a parrot, after all)


The parrot logo is a derivative of the logo by lastspark at The Noun Project.